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2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma Retrofit Headlights

  • $ 455.00

The pictures are just to give you an idea of what retrofits look like for your model vehicle. Start with a new blank set and pick from the options for a custom build

Options Explained:

  • Paint Scheme: We either leave the headlights chrome, paint them all black, all white, or select other for a custom paint job. (Yes we color match)
  • Projectors: Our standard mini h1 projector is included in the price. Find more information on Morimoto Mini H1 7.0, Morimoto Mini D2S, and Profile Bi-LED projectors by clicking the links.
  • Projector Shrouds: We offer various shroud styles which can be found here. Halos are mounted on/inside the shroud. Then the shrouds are mounted onto the projectors to hide the innards of the projector. Apollo 3.0 & Panamera are our most popular shrouds.
  • Front Mounted Halo: 80mm halos that are mounted on the front of the shrouds. We offer either color changing or white/amber switchback halos.
  • Rear Mounted Halo: These halos are mounted behind/inside the shroud and they shine through the holes in the shroud.
  • Demon Eyes: These are little LED modules that are mounted behind the projector lens to illuminate the lens alone. They do not project light. We offer color changing and white/amber switchback demon eyes.
  • HID Kit: We recommend an HID kit with your retrofit as your factory bulbs will no longer fit depending on the projectors you choose. We offer Innovited and Morimoto Kits, Morimoto being the better quality wiring and offers a better warranty. Select the kelvin rating and we include the appropriate kit and vehicle specific harness for you retrofits.
  • Projector Lens Etching: We laser engrave any design you can think of. Just email us the image and we will get it done.

    If you are confused about any of the options please email us at

    Our 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma custom retrofit headlights are our most popular product. Select which options you would like for your build and the price will adjust accordingly. These are the headlights your truck should have had in the first place!


    • New set of Retrofit headlights (2 headlights)
    • Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor
    • Will arrive in 3-5 weeks


    • Retains use of factory aiming adjustments
    • Properly sealed with Morimoto Retro Rubber, Moisture & dirt resistant, 3-way aiming (rotation, horizontal & vertical).
    • Customer can use factory adjustments to fine tune the vertical aim based on personal preference.

    Please Note:

    Professional installation is recommended***

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